We make web sites!

Our web development services

We've designed a platform that allows a selection of content types - if your web site uses just those types of content then we charge a flat rate for the sites development.

The content types include:

Desktops, tablets & mobiles

Modern web development isn't just about catering for those viewing your business on a desktop or laptop computer. Today, users with tablets or mobile phones broadly account for half of most web site traffic.

We build all our web sites to support all major device form factors, so a client viewing your site on a mobile phone will just as easily view your content as someone using a massive screened desktop.

Search engine optimisation

We want your web site to be successful, so we've built our platform to conform to the popular methods of search engine optimisation, or SEO as it's commonly known.

SEO is what gets your site listed for keywords and phrases on sites such as Google - it takes alot of time in research but ultimately is worth every minute.

How much?

The initial outlay for the design & development of your web site is £950*. An ongoing cost of £35* per month covers all related services.

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