Responsive web development

With the ubiquity of modern smartphones, tablets and laptop computers, access to the Internet while on the move has never been easier.

As a result, web sites need to be flexible enough to display on a variety of different sized screens and with varying orientations and aspect ratios.

This is known as responsive web development - it is one of the foundations of all good modern web development.



It's not uncommon for some web sites to get more than half of their traffic from users on mobile phones.

We develop all our web sites to operate on a wide range of mobiles - why not take a look at this site on your phone?



With a large screen similar to a laptop but with the ease of use of a mobile phone, tablets have in many cases become the go-to device for computing on the move.


Laptop & desktop

The traditional medium for Internet access, laptops & desktop still account for much of the Internets traffic.

Using progressive enhanement these powerful machines allow for added richness on any web site.

Like mobiles & tablets, screens can vary greatly but generally are large enough for more traditional layouts and designs.